What distance have QR postage stamps traveled so far?

They've traveled 130 312,00 km

The latest stamp was posted from: porec

The latest stamp arrived to: hong kong

The farthest distance a stamp has traveled so far: 13 661,12 km

Total stamps sent so far: 675

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What is a QR code postage stamp?

QR code postage stamp enables you to get instant confirmation on the receipt of your mail, as well as additional data about its route. Find out when the mail was sent, how many kilometres it had travelled, when it reached its destination...

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What is required for participation?

  1. Smartphone — for easier use

  2. QR code reader — download it from here

  3. QR postage stamp — buy it here

POSTAGE STAMP DAY - Exhibition: we've been traveling the world for 20 years

Old City Hall
Narodni trg, Split

April 18th – May 2nd, 2012